The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company:

“It’s hard to explain to you in words how much we appreciate the commitment, dedication and coordination that went into the completion of this Bunting 17th Floor COVID-19 Project. On March 23rd we were given the go ahead to build out a shell space with aspirations of not only completing construction of the space, but the hospital seeing patients by the 1st of June. This was accomplished in a total of 59 calendar days. As some of you may know we received occupancy through the city yesterday and it was 100% because of the efforts put forth by each and every one of you, our trade partners. I’ve said for a while now that the only thing that can make a project truly successful are the trades involved and the attention of detail given to the project from the top down. With this in mind, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen the involvement and attention on this scale. I’ll look back throughout my career and undoubtably compare every trade I work with to this group, this “All-Star Team” of partners that climbed Mount Everest in eight (8) weeks, without drawings, plans or specs. All we had was a common goal, a comparison split between some lower level floors, a 10 year old design and a whole lot of experienced professionals. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when the bureaucracy can be pushed aside, and the “keys” are handed to the people who know how to build. On behalf of our entire Whiting- Turner Team, thank you. Thank you for what you brought to the table and thank you for doing it better than anyone else out there.”

-Kyle Turner

Clark Construction Group:

“Windsor Electric Company brings a value-added approach to all of their efforts and has a corporate culture and talent pool that differentiates them from other electrical contractors in the market. They are truly “Builders” and not just “installers” in that they contribute to the project outcome as part of the larger project team. From their core Journeymen to their executive leadership, they approach every facet of a project and both planned and unexpected challenges with a Solutions Mindset. They can be relied on to be a partner to bring the most cost effective and beneficial approach to any task. Windsor Electric has an employee culture instilled at all levels that they are electrical craftsmen first, and a business second. This is a value that is way too rare in this day and age of high-production, low- cost building, and hard to find in the modern skilled labor fields. This shows in the quality of their workmanship, the focus of a safety culture from the Old-hands to the new Greenhorns, and the hands-on approach that their leadership, supervision, management, and craftsmen take together at completing their projects.”

-Brian Hetherington

Mercy Medical Center:

“Monday, June 1, marked the opening of our new 32-bed acute care unit on the 17th floor of The Mary Catherine Bunting Center. This new state-of-the art unit completed in record time became fully operational with staff and equipment and treating patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

In response to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s call in mid-March to increase hospital bed capacity statewide to address the COVID-19 public health emergency, Mercy Medical Center was the first hospital in the state to seek and receive Emergency Certificate of Need (CON) approval from the Maryland Health Care Commission to construct an entirely new hospital unit. As you know, construction began swiftly on March 23 with an aggressive opening deadline of June 1 and construction was completed on May 20 in a record time of 59 days.

The fact that you, together with Whiting-Turner were able to complete this important project in record time to enable Mercy to provide expanded, specialized care to patients suffering from COVID-19 is nothing short of amazing! Having you as partners coming to work every day in the midst of this pandemic event to build this 32-bed unit as fast as you could has been inspiring.

On behalf of our executive leadership, and the entire Mercy project team, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your remarkable work and steadfast commitment to the highest standards for quality and safety throughout the process.”

-Judith Weiland